Millerighe…a thousand shades of flavor! When you bite into a Millerighe tarallino you are eating Puglia, its scents, its landscapes, its sun and its age-old recipes. Simple and genuine ingredients manage to create an inimitable snack. Palm oil free and vegan.


The unmistakable flavor of these Millerighe Classic tarallini is given by the high quality extra virgin olive oil. Crumbly and tasty, they are the ideal snack to munch on at any time of the day.

Fennel Seeds

With an aromatic flavour, Millerighe tarallini with fennel seeds and extra virgin olive oil are a classic recipe from the Apulian tradition. Baked in the oven and fragrant on the palate, they are excellent to nibble during snacks, ideal for appetizers and to accompany a glass of wine.

Garlic, Oil and Chili Pepper

The Millerighe garlic, oil and chilli tarallini offer one of the best-known flavors of Italian cuisine, a great classic that lives on in these baked products with a particular taste.


Do you love lively flavors? The Millerighe tarallini with curry with extra virgin olive oil are just the thing for you! The famous Indian spice blend is expertly dosed for an extraordinary snack.


With an inimitable aroma, Millerighe tarallini with onion are a must in traditional recipes of Puglia cuisine. Delicious and crispy, they are one of the snacks that can never be missing on the table!


All the flavor of Italy is contained in the pesto-flavoured Millerighe tarallini. The scent of basil and the intense flavor of extra virgin olive oil create a tasty snack with a lively and fresh flavour. Perfect on their own or to accompany salads.


Millerighe tarallini with sesame seeds and extra virgin olive oil are an excellent alternative to breadsticks or crackers, perfect to enjoy as a snack or as an accompaniment to an aperitif.

Potatoes and Rosemary

The Millerighe potato and rosemary tarallini with extra virgin olive oil are perfect for those who love intense and decisive flavours. Ideal as a snack, to enjoy during a break or as an appetizer.

Cacio e Pepe

The cacio e pepe flavor is traditional in Roman cuisine, where it is often used to season pasta. Its version in these cheese and pepper flavored Millerighe taralli is equally tasty, thanks to the presence of pecorino cheese and ground black pepper.

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