Beyond Food: A Social Commitment to the Community

Every action counts to make a difference

Being actively involved in a community means committing concretely to promoting social well-being and integration. At Terre di Puglia, we go beyond our traditional role as a company to become a pillar of the community, participating in its development and social cohesion.

Our initiatives focus on social integration projects, support for sports associations, collaborations with local and national entities, and programs to support vulnerable groups. Every step we take is a piece towards a more cohesive, inclusive, and strong community.

At Terre di Puglia, every action counts to make a difference.

Values and Mission of Our Social Responsibility

Our values are the foundation on which we build every aspect of our corporate mission. Every business decision, every product we create, and every initiative we undertake is guided by honesty, transparency, and solidarity. Ours is a deep commitment to ethical, sustainable, and beneficial practices for the people around us.

This is reflected in our choice of sustainable ingredients, our policies of responsible production, and continuous support for social integration projects at the local and national levels.

Our mission is clear: we want to be a change agent contributing to building a better future.

Impact Stories and Testimonials


Terre di Puglia actively engages in a series of social initiatives, embodying its spirit of responsibility and community commitment. A significant example is the collaboration with the “A Mano Libera” project under the “Senza Sbarre” initiative. This revolutionary project, located at the San Vittore farmhouse near Castel del Monte, aims at the rehabilitation of inmates through the artisanal production of “A Mano Libera” taralli.

In addition to this initiative, Terre di Puglia actively supports local sports, contributing to the growth of young talents. Our company is a proud sponsor of the Fidelis Andria football team and the Barletta Basket youth basketball team. This support for sports activities emphasizes the commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and the value of teamwork among young people.

Collaborating with

Towards a Responsible Tomorrow

We look to the future with a constant and renewed commitment to social responsibility. Our future plans are guided by the vision of a company that actively contributes. Another fundamental goal will be to strengthen collaborations with local and national organizations, creating a more robust and widespread network for social well-being and sustainable economic development.

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