Schiacciatina Snack is the line of baked products that innovates the concept of a snack with a traditional flavour. Each Schiacciatina Snack is made with a revolutionary forming and pressing process, which makes it crumbly and crunchy at the same time. The recyclable packaging is a symbol of the company’s vision of the idea of environmental sustainability.


Schiacciatina Snack classic flavor Terre di Puglia is ideal for a tasty and light break. Delicious and fragrant, it is perfect to accompany an aperitif with friends or for a quick snack. Discover the authentic flavor of the Apulian tradition in every bite!

Potatoes and Rosemary

Schiacciatina Snack Potato and Rosemary flavour is a delicious, incredibly crumbly and tasty snack. Ideal for the lunch break, it is also suitable for accompanying an aperitif or as a base for creams and pâtés.

Tomato and Oregano

Schiacciatina Snack Tomato and Oregano Flavour conquers with the first bite! It offers an authentic and satisfying taste experience and reminds the palate of the flavours of the Mediterranean.


Are you dreaming of a snack break that takes you straight to Italy? Schiacciatina Snack with olives will win you over with their authentic and genuine flavour. The perfect solution for a tasty and quick break.


If you love intense and strong flavours, you won’t be able to resist Schiacciatina Snack Bacon flavour! Perfect to enjoy at any time of the day, it is an excellent alternative to classic snacks.

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