I Moderni

I Moderni is the line dedicated to revisiting taralli in a contemporary key. This is how a one-of-a-kind snack is born, whose plus is the high quality of the ingredients. Palm oil free and vegan.


Crispy and crumbly, the classic flavor Taralli are made with extra virgin olive oil and retain all the goodness of the traditional Apulian tarallo recipe.

Fennel Seeds

Taralli with fennel seeds are ideal to enjoy at any time of the day. Tasty and fragrant, they are cooked in the oven without yeast and with extra virgin olive oil.

Chili Pepper

Chilli Taralli are perfect for those who love bold flavours. Prepared with extra virgin olive oil, thanks to baking, they have a unique crispiness.


Pizza flavored Taralli are a delicious combination of Italian flavours! Perfect as a snack or to accompany a glass of wine or beer.

Onions and Olives

Onion, olives, and taralli. A perfect marriage among the products of our region. Much appreciated for their strong flavour, Onion and Olive Taralli represent a tasty variant for those who love experimenting with new flavours.

Whole wheat

Healthy and tasty, Taralli with wholemeal flour stand out for their authentic flavour. Perfect as a snack or to accompany your meals, they are the ideal baked product for those who live a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste.


A mix of flavors and nutrients contained in every crunchy bite: our Taralli with Multigrain Flour are the perfect choice for those looking for taste and well-being in every bite.

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