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From taralli to crispy bruschettine, from mini breadsticks to square bread. Our range of products will amaze you with its originality and assortment of flavors. Organic, vegan, and Kosher certified, our snacks are the result of our passion for Apulian tradition and our constant search for innovation.


Tradition meets a new idea of authentic taste. Discover all the lines dedicated to the most famous baked product of Puglia


The snack revolution! Authentic Apulian flavors in a never ordinary format. Premium ingredients for a unique experience.

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Where do we do it?
In Puglia!

Our company is located in the heart of beautiful Puglia, in Andria, just steps away from the majestic Castel del Monte. It is here that we passionately create these extraordinary baked products.

Our mission is twofold: to keep the authenticity of our roots alive and open up to the world. This is our ‘glocal’ approach that allows us to share our products in any city around the world.

100% Italian wheat
Authentic recipes from Puglia
With extra virgin olive oil
Baked in the oven

Why our Taralli are
innovative snack

Why our
Taralli are
an innovative

When you think of tarallo, you envision a product with a long history. For us, it’s not just that. We view our taralli as an evolution of the snack: a healthy product with authentic and innovative taste.

Our vision is bold: we want to challenge conventions by creating a product that satisfies all generations and gastronomic cultures. Our range of products is the answer to the needs of the modern world, adding a global touch to traditional recipes. In short: Terre di Puglia’s taralli speak to everyone.

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Terre di Puglia is proud to bring its extraordinary products around the world, and we look forward to meeting you in person at the upcoming international fairs. These events are the perfect opportunity to discover the latest news, taste our products, and share the passion for never ordinary taralli and snacks.

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