Tarallini Moderni Bio 40g – Classic


Quality and goodness

“I Moderni” Organic tarallini are a healthy and tasty snack that represents the perfect combination of taste and health. Made with high quality organic ingredients, these tarallini offer a healthy and tasty snack experience that can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time of day. These tarallini are made with ingredients of organic origin, which means they are free from chemicals and pesticides harmful to health. Furthermore, their preparation follows strict quality and food safety standards, guaranteeing a high quality final product. Thanks to their crunchy texture and rich, intense flavour, “I Moderni” Organic tarallini are ideal for satisfying hunger between meals or as a healthy snack during a busy day.


Type “00” soft wheat flour from organic farming, white wine from organic farming (contains sulphites), extra virgin olive oil from organic farming 22%, salt.

Allergens: gluten, sulphites. May contain traces of sesame, nuts, milk and milk-based products, soy.

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