Fatti a


The ancient tradition of Apulian cuisine is contained in these handmade Taralli with extra virgin olive oil and 100% Italian wheat, just as it has been handed down for centuries. “Fatti a Mano” line will take you on a real journey among the most authentic flavors of Puglia.


The “Handmade” classic flavour taralli are made with extra virgin olive oil and 100% Italian wheat. High quality ingredients for a crunchy tarallo with an irresistible flavour, perfect for accompanying cheeses, olives and cured meats and creating aperitifs with a “traditional” mood.

Fennel Seeds

The unique flavor of fennel seeds and the experience of Apulian tradition. Taste them and let yourself be carried away by the authentic goodness of these taralli made with extra virgin olive oil.

Chili Pepper

The traditional Apulian taralli pair perfectly with intense and spicy chili pepper for a unique and innovative delicacy. Perfect for a snack or appetizer, it is an irresistible treat for any self-respecting foodie.

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