Tarallini Millerighe 80g Garlic, Oil and Hot Pepper Flavour

Intense aroma, strong flavour

Taralli with an intense aroma and a strong flavour. Millerighe Garlic and Chili Pepper flavour combine the Apulian tradition with the great recipes of Italian cuisine, for a perfect snack for any moment, satisfying and tasty.

Gastronomic tradition

Taralli are a typical culinary specialty of Puglia, an Italian region famous for its gastronomic tradition. These taralli in particular are characterized by an intense aroma and a strong flavour, thanks to the presence of garlic and chilli pepper.

The union of these typical ingredients of Apulian cuisine with the great recipes of Italian cuisine gives these taralli a unique and unmistakable flavour. It is a perfect snack for any moment of the day, which satisfies the palate thanks to its goodness and crunchy texture.

The millerighe garlic and chilli pepper are an excellent choice for those who want to savor a typical product of the Apulian tradition, with a touch of originality and taste that makes it irresistible.


Wheat flour, white wine (contains sulphites), sunflower oil, salt, extra virgin olive oil, garlic 0.5%, chilli pepper 0.5%.

Allergens: may contain sesame seeds, nuts, milk, soy, mustard.

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