Tarallini Millerighe 80g Fennel Seeds

Aromatic and wild taste

With an aromatic and wild flavour, Millerighe with fennel seeds are a classic recipe of the Apulian tradition. Baked in the oven and fragrant on the palate, they are excellent to munch on during snacks, ideal for hors d’oeuvres and to accompany a good glass of wine.

Consistent and decisive

Millerighe with fennel seeds are a typical product of the traditional cuisine of Puglia, characterized by a strong culinary tradition that makes use of simple but tasty ingredients. These taralli, in particular, are highly appreciated for their aromatic and wild flavour, due to the presence of fennel seeds, which give them a strong and intense taste.

Their preparation takes place following a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation, with simple but genuine ingredients: flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt. The peculiarity of these taralli lies in their donut shape and baking, which makes them fragrant on the palate and pleasantly crunchy.

Thanks to their consistency, the millerighe with fennel seeds are perfect to munch on during snacks, but they also lend themselves to being served as an appetizer, perhaps accompanied by a selection of cold cuts and cheeses typical of the Apulian region. Furthermore, they are ideal to accompany a good glass of wine, thanks to their intense flavor that goes perfectly with the aromatic notes of different varieties of wine.


Soft wheat flour type ”00”, white wine, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil (5%), salt, fennel seeds (1%), natural olive extract.

Allergens: gluten, may contain sulphites and traces of sesame.

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